Fifth Ward Civic Club celebrates National Night Out, Oct. 4th


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New art space opening in Fifth Ward featuring national artist, Jesse Lott, Oct. 1


Mystic Lyon is thrilled to present an installation by Fifth Ward resident and legendary artist, Jesse Lott. The artist’s work is based on an aesthetic he refers to as “Urban Frontier Art,” which involves the recycling of discarded material into art. Paper, wire and wood serve as the basis for much of this work. This installation will be on view through the windows of the Mystic Lyon from October 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017 with a reception on Saturday, October 1 from 5-8pm.

Mystic Lyon curator, Emily Sloan, explains how the show and art space came to be: “The Mystic Lyon has been my art studio for approximately three years. About two and a half years ago, I began inviting neighbors over for badminton, thus founding the Fifth Ward Badminton Club. While socializing and playing badminton, it often came up that people would like to see more art in the neighborhood. This past February, this led to asking neighbor Jesse Lott to have a show in the front of my studio. His work will remain on view around the clock in the windows through April 2017. Jesse will most likely be changing the work throughout the length of the exhibit, so viewers will need to keep checking back to see the latest!”

Mystic Lyon is an installation art space and social sculpture in Houston’s historic Fifth Ward. New installations are kicked off with a neighborhood party and remain on view from the outside of the building 24 hours a day for approximately 6 months. Additional programming includes pay phone call-ins to the artists, community coffees, a bi-monthly organic grocery store and the Gong Grant benefiting neighbor endeavors. It is also the home of the Fifth Ward Badminton Club.

Location: Mystic Lyon, 5017 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX 77020
Opening reception: Saturday, October 1, 5-8pm
On view: through April 30, 2017
Gallery hours: On view through the windows and on the outside of the building 24 hours a day or by appointment
For more infomation, visit:

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Texas Zydeco Film Screening and Party, Deluxe Theater, Sept. 30th 7pm-10pm

Purchase tickets here: Houston History Alliance


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Wondering what to do with your household glass?


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Keep 5 Alive – September Update

Big thanks to everyone who came out today to help make our monthly clean-up successful. Additional thanks to Keep Houston Beautiful for the generous mulch donation & COH, Solid Waste Management as usual for taking care of the grass clippings & debris. Mark you calendars for the next clean-up, Oct.8th, 9-11am


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Important notice for all who live in Fifth Ward!

If it rains and it takes longer than 20 minutes for water to drain on your street, dial 311. If you drive down a street in Fifth Ward and the road is filled with pot holes, dial 311. If there is illegal dumping on your street, dial 311. If there are stray dogs roaming your streets, dial 311. The reason we are not getting the funds for infrastructure improvement is because we are not dialing 311. When the city allocates capital improvement funding, they are looking at data. The city gets almost all of its data from 311 calls. If we are not bringing attention to the issues in our neighborhood, then there is no data to show that there is a problem and we are bypassed. The squeaky wheel always gets the oil. It’s just that simple. So whatever the issue, stray dogs, abandon houses, tall weeds, missing manhole cover, etc., we can’t stress enough to DIAL 311! If you have a smartphone, download the app and watch the video below. If you don’t have a smartphone call 311 or send them an email,, explaining the issue.


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Keep 5 Alive Year Round – August update

A huge thank-you to all that came out on August 13, 2016 right after the rain to help Keep 5 Alive Year Round! The herbicide made a difference but because those weeds are very resistant we ended up using a weed-eater and trimming the hedges & tree’s.  We should have mulch to spread for our next date Sept. 10th, 9-11am, so please join us as we need all of the volunteers we can get. Our last Keep 5 Alive Year Round for this year will be October 8, 2016.

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